Flight Simulator Development and Design
Louis Sinclair's FS Design Studio version 3 was published just recently by Abacus, USA. Numerous new features have been added to the new edition and changes have been to this very popluar 3D design platform. This is why FSPLAZA.INFO has been offline for some time. We are currently revising existing tutorials and adding new ones so that users will benefit even more from the new edition of FSDS. For new tutorials, click on the link in the above menu.

Forthcoming Publication
Forthcoming publication: Fully illustrated ISBN Reference Book with CD on creating scenery and aircraft models using Flight Simulator Design Studio - the book is being prepared for publication this summer by the owner of this site. An exact date cannot yet be given.

Scenery Design
FSPLAZA.INFO will also be covering scenery design features on the new site (see example of the new Enterprise carrier designed and compiled in FS Design Studio 3.5). We will also be offering numerous FSC files for download so that designers may study sample objects created for Flight Simulator. Sample objects can be downloaded from the new tutorials sections on this site and the 3D models section: e.g. a rotating wind-turbine using the Tick18 animation tag in FS Design Studio 3.5. There will be more to come.
Version 3.5 of FS Design Studio has been launched. To get your new version of FSDS or to update from previous versions, click on the logo.
Aircraft Paint Schemes
Looking for aircraft paint schemes? Then look no further. Click here for link
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USS Enterprise in FS9

The screenshot to the left shows the new USS Enterprise model constructed and designed by Graham P.Oxtoby for MS Flight Simulator. It includes the Fresnel Lense System specially developed by Graham to assist pilots in landing their fast aircraft on the deck and moving parts.
E-2C Hawkeye under development in FSDS 3.0
The screenshot shows the new Hawkeye model with full moving parts currently under development for Abacus, USA. Designed by Graham P. Oxtoby in FSDS 3.0. various Boolean operations were used to model this plane's engines and moving parts and new material names were used for the lights and colour scheme. It includes a fully visualized 3D cockpit.
Graham P. Oxtoby, flight simulator designer, developer and author/owner of  FSPLAZA.INFO.

The owner of this site worked closely with Louis Sinclair, Abacus USA and other well-known developers to provide the very best in flight simulator design techniques.

As a programmer, expert 3D modelling engineer and aviation software developer, Graham provides numerous tips and tricks for flight simulator developers to use in designing scenery and models for flight simulator design. He has also authored numerous help files during the development of the simulator design studio software to accompany previous and current versions of this wonderful 3D design interface. Additional help files and tutorials by Graham, not covered in the help files of the software, can be found on this site.

Graham is currently developing a VSTOL Harrier Jump Jet collection for the new version of Flight Simulator. 

Graham was also winner of the Flightsim.com Developers Award in 2000, as a member of the developers team for the Netherlands flight simulator scenery. Many of the airports in that package are Graham's work.


This section includes a number of best practices in FSDS and several tips and tricks for designers. If you want to share any tips and tricks with other designers, please drop us a line and we'll include them in this special section. new topics will be added as they come to mind. To view this page, click here....
for flight simulation design & 3D modelling
The screenshot above shows the new Harrier aircraft currently under development by Graham in Gmax. It includes a fully visualized 3D cockpit and full moving parts. Click on image to enlarge.
This site is currently under revision [last update was on 14-10-2010]
The screenshot to the left is of the new Hyper-X design aircraft by the NASA, designed in FSDS by Graham P. Oxtoby [2010] for FS flight simulation.

The true-to-life model by Graham comes with full aerodyanmics and digital cockpit configuration.